Fort Lauderdale Yakfishing Club

Fort Lauderdale Yakfishing Club

Hello there.

Welcome to the Fort Lauderdale Yakfishing Club and the Yakbrothers (generic term, kinda like "mankind"). All yakkers are welcome regardless of the size of their yak.

FLYC is dedicated to kayakfishing in SE Florida and experiencing the many different kinds of yak fishing within a short drive. Like deep water kings, sailfish, wahoo, grouper and snapper. Bay tarpon and snook. Mangrove snook. Flats bonefish, barracuda, redfish and permit. And maybe even a shark or two.

The idea is to provide a common place to hook up and to share our many skills and experiences. For example, I'm a good surf fisherman and am learning deep water off the third reef. Joe Yak knows the flats, Biscayne Bay and the glades. Chris Yak is a goonie and travels lots of places.

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And I am proud to announce we placed at the...


Big thanks to Luis, Carol, Chef Mike and the many FLYC club members who couldn't make it but did pass along their well wishes. A full report of the event is here! For more info on the just announced Leg Two in Tampa, click below...

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